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6CP Deep Meal Tray

6CP Deep Meal Tray


Product Size (mm) : 327 x 225 x 35 (H)
Units Per Carton: 200


Immerse yourself in the flavors of traditional Indian Thali with our purpose-built 6 Compartment Deep Meal Tray. Designed for the authentic Thali experience, each compartment caters to the diverse elements of your meal, ensuring a seamless and organized dining journey.


Thali-Centric Design:

Tailored for the iconic Thali, our tray's compartments accommodate a variety of dishes such as Curries, Chutney, Gulab Jamun, Roti, Naan, Rice, Pickles and Sweets, allowing you to enjoy the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine in one organized presentation.


Sturdy and Disposable:

Combining durability with convenience, our meal tray offers stability for diverse dishes while being disposable for an eco-conscious dining solution. These trays are made out of sugarcane and are completely eco-friendly, compostable and biodegradable.


Elevate your Thali experience with our 6 Compartment Deep Meal Tray – the perfect blend of functionality and authenticity.


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