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Equosafe eco friendly sustainable food packaging

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is equocane range?
    Our equocane range products are made from sugarcane waste (bagasse) which is the preferred equosafe alternative to polystyrene, plastic, or foam. We love the raw material as it is cultivable, renewable, and massively consumed across the world.
  • What can equocane range assure us?
    Sugarcane products are food safe, microwave safe, water & grease resistant and freezer friendly.
  • Are equocane range food safe?
    Yes, our equocane range are completely food safe and are certified by internationally accredited agencies.
  • Are equocane range recyclable?
    Yes, our equocane range are completely recyclable in traditional paper recycling systems if they are not heavily contaminated with food. We advise to rinse slightly before disposing them off in the recycle bin.
  • Are equocane range compostable?
    Yes, our equocane range products can be composted in both home and industrial composting, making it easier for everyone to play their part.
  • Are there any additional requirements for home compatibility?
    We can also recommend that your home compost waste should be cut down for faster breakdown.
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