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3CP Rectangular Tray

3CP Rectangular Tray


Product Size (mm) : 230 x 173 x 38 (H)
Units Per Carton: 200


Enhance your dining and takeaway uber experience with our eco-friendly disposable 3 Compartment Tray, made from from sugarcane waste. Sized well with a good height, these trays are designed for your convenience.


Ideal for serving Indian cuisine staples like Idly, Vada, and Biryani with yoghurt, onion salad, and pickle, our trays are also perfect for Asian cuisine, especially Asian dishes. Made from Bagasse, an agricultural waste product, these trays are not only environmentally conscious but 100% biodegradable, and compostable.


Raw materials: Sugarcane Bagasse (agricultural waste)


Ensures peace of mind guaranteeing no damage to the environment while providing a plastic free solution.


*Prices exclude GST

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